1. also
  2. but
  3. however
  4. moreover
  5. on the other hand

Synonyms for autem

  • acbut
  • adhucalso, besides, even now, still, till now, till then, yet
  • atquebut, other than
  • etiamalso, and furthermore, as yet, besides, even, still
  • evitoalso, avoid, to kill, to shuun
  • iamalready, by now, further, henceforth, immediately, indeed, just, moreover, now, presently, soon
  • itemlikewise, moreover
  • morsusa biting, also, bite, pain, sting
  • nambut now, certainly, conj, for, for example, for it is certain, instance, on the other hand, surely
  • praetereaas indeed it is, besides, further, hereafter, moreover

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