1. boldness
  2. courage

Synonyms for audentia

  • animusbravery, character, consciousness, courage, intellect, memory, often = mind, soul, spirit, vivacity, will
  • cervixboldness, neck
  • ferociaarrogance, courage, ferocity, high spirit
  • ferocitasarogance, courage, savageness, untamed spirit
  • fortitudocourage, moral bravery, physical strength
  • temeritasboldness, rashness, temerity
  • virtuscharacter, courage, excellence, manhood, manliness, moral virtue, power, prowess, valor, virtuousness, worth

Similar to audentia

  • audaciatemerity
  • prudentiadiscretion, foresight, practical judgment, wisdom
  • auarcaleather sandal worn by pyrenean peasants
  • audaciousbold
  • audaciterboldly, fearlessly, proudly
  • audacterboldly, fearlessly, proudly
  • audaxbold, foolhardy, rash
  • audeoto dare
  • audiohearken, listen to, to hear
  • auditorhearer, listener