1. authority
  2. power

Phrases with the word auctorita

Synonyms for auctorita

  • auctoritasauthority
  • ditioauthority
  • facultasability, abundance, capacity, feasibility, means, opportunity, power, resources, stock, store, wealth
  • imperiumauthority, command, control, power to command, realm, rule, sovereignty
  • opulentiamight, opulence, power, riches, splendor, wealth
  • potentiaauthority, might, power
  • potestasability, authority, legal competence, opportunity, power
  • praesentiaeffect, power, presence, presence of mind
  • professorauthority, expert
  • regnumauthority, kingdom, realm, rule

Similar to auctorita

  • auctoritasauthority
  • auctorizoapprove, authenticate, to confirm
  • auctorauthor, originator
  • auctusenlargement, growth, increase
  • promeritadeserving
  • blattapurple
  • cretachalk, fuller's earth
  • cristacrest, plume, rooster's comb
  • crustabark, crust, embossing, inlay, peel, rind, shell
  • cryptacovered gallery, grotto, vault