1. immatate
  2. represent
  3. simulate

Synonyms for assimulo

  • reddoanswer, deliver, hand over, imitate, pay up, recite, render, represent, restore, return, surrender, to give back, to impart, to repeat, translate

Similar to assimulo

  • assiduecontinuously, without remission
  • assiduusunremitting
  • assilioto leap upon
  • assimilaressimilar
  • simulosham, to pretend
  • dissimulodisguise, keep secret, leave unnoticed, to conceal, to disguise, to ignore
  • ascendoto climb
  • asciacarpenter's axe, mason's trowel
  • ascioadopt as one's own, to take up
  • asciscoadmit, adopt, approve, take up, to receive