1. similar

Synonyms for assimilares

  • consimilissimilar
  • finitimusadjacent, adjoining, neighboring, related to, similar
  • finitumusadjacent, neighboring, related to, similar
  • parilisequal, like, similar
  • propinquusclose, kinsman, near, nearly related, similar
  • similislike, resembling, similar

Similar to assimilares

  • assiduecontinuously, without remission
  • assiduusunremitting
  • assilioto leap upon
  • assimuloimmatate, represent, simulate
  • ascendoto climb
  • asciacarpenter's axe, mason's trowel
  • ascioadopt as one's own, to take up
  • asciscoadmit, adopt, approve, take up, to receive
  • aspectuscountenance
  • asperfierce, harsh, rough, severe, violent