1. defend
  2. to claim

Synonyms for assero

  • contegodefend, protect, shield, to conceal, to cover
  • muniobuild a road, defend, protect, to fortify
  • obstodefend, stand against, to oppose
  • patrocinordefend, patronize, support, to protect
  • vallodefend, to surround
  • vindicoappropriate, arrogate, assume, avenge, claim, deliver, liberate, protect, punish, to avenge, to claim, to liberate

Similar to assero

  • seroat a late hour, late, plant, to beget, to sow
  • ascendoto climb
  • asciacarpenter's axe, mason's trowel
  • ascioadopt as one's own, to take up
  • asciscoadmit, adopt, approve, take up, to receive
  • aspectuscountenance
  • asperfierce, harsh, rough, severe, violent
  • aspergocover, to sprinkle
  • asperitasfierceness, harshness, roughness, severity
  • aspernatiocontempt