1. effort
  2. equipment
  3. exertion
  4. gear
  5. machinery
  6. magnificence
  7. splendor

Synonyms for apparatus

  • conameneffort
  • conatuseffort, exertion, impulse, inclination, undertaking
  • cultusreverence, splendor, worship
  • intentioaccusation, aim, attack, attention, design, effort, exertion, intent, intention, plan, purpose
  • labordistress, exertion, fatigue, glide, hardip, hardship, labor, slide, slip away, to sink, to slip, toil, work
  • lautitiaelegance, splendor
  • magnificentiaeminence, magnanimity, magnificence, splendor
  • nisusendeavor, exertion
  • nitorbrightness, brillance, brilliance, depend upon, elegance, exert oneself, glow, lean, make an effort, persevere, splendor, support oneself, to endeavor, to rest, to strive, trust in
  • nixuseffort, strain

Similar to apparatus

  • appareoappear, manifest, to become visible
  • paratusequipment, equipped, fitting out, preparation, prepared, ready, skilled
  • aptusappropriate, connected, fastened, fitted, fitted out, fitting, prepared, qualified, suitable
  • appositusappositively, approaching, appropriate, placed near
  • desparatusdesparate, given up on
  • appellomove towards, name, summon, to call, to drive, to land
  • appenditiaappurtenance
  • applicoattach, steer, to land
  • apponoput on the table, put to, serve, to add something, to appoint a person, to place near
  • approboto approve