1. having wings
  2. winged

Synonyms for alatus

  • aligerhaving wings, winged
  • pennatuswinged, with feathers
  • pennigerwinged, with feathers
  • volaticusflighty, flying, inconstant, unreliable, winged
  • volatilisfleeting, flying, rapid, swift, transitory, winged
  • volucrisflying creature, winged, winged creature

Similar to alatus

  • alaarmpit, naval squadron, oars, part of line of battle, sails, wing
  • alacritasanimation, eagerness, quickness, rapidity, sharpness
  • alariusallied troops, relating to the wing of an army
  • aditusentrance, ingress
  • amictusmantle
  • abiectuscontemptible
  • aduentusarrival
  • latusbroad, extensive, flank, lungs, sides, wide
  • abaciabacuses
  • abacusabacus