1. knowledge
  2. recognition

Synonyms for agnitio

  • conscientiaconscience, consciouness, knowledge
  • eruditioinstruction, knowledge, learning, teaching
  • gnaritasknowledge
  • notitiaannotations, data, information, knowledge, notes
  • scientiaknowledge, science, skill

Similar to agnitio

  • monitioadmonition, warning
  • munitiobridging, defense works, fortification, fortifying, rampart
  • penitioto do penance
  • aggerbulwark, mound, weir
  • aggeroheap up, increase, pile up, to make a mound, to pucker
  • aggravoincommode, to annoy
  • aggredioraddress, approach, attack, begin, to go to
  • agmenhost
  • agnaewe, lamb
  • agnatusa relation in the male line