1. affectionate

Synonyms for affectuosus

  • charusaffectionate
  • piusaffectionate, compassionate, dutiful, godly, gracious, holy, honest, kind, pious, respectful, upright

Similar to affectuosus

  • affectusdisposition of mind, emotion, goodwill
  • quaestuosusfond of gain, profitable, rich
  • questuosusfond of gain, profitable, rich
  • vultuosusaffected, grimacing
  • affabiliscourteous
  • affamenimport
  • affatusaddress, speech
  • afferoapply, bring about, bring to bear, contribute, give, impart, report, to bring, to bring news, to carry, to cause, turn over
  • affinistrelated by marriage
  • affinitasneighborhood, relationship