1. guess
  2. reckon
  3. to estimate

Synonyms for aestimo

  • coniectoconclude, guess, infer, to throw together
  • ducocommand, consider, considered, construct, count, delay, draw, draw in, esteem, influence, marry a wife, mislead, reckon, shape, spend, to calculate, to charm, to draw, to lead, to lead on the march

Similar to aestimo

  • aestuoblaze, heave, to burn with desire, vacillate
  • aestuspassionate fire
  • intimoto announce
  • amobe fond of, cherish, like, to love
  • armoarm, equip, fit out, to provide arms
  • castimoniachastity, morally clean, purity, state of being unpolluted
  • clamocry aloud, declare, proclaim, shout, to call
  • cremoto consume by fire
  • demosubtract, to remove, to take away
  • emopurchase, to buy