1. appropriate
  2. call
  3. claim
  4. to take to oneself

Synonyms for adsumo

  • appositusappositively, approaching, appropriate, placed near
  • aptusappropriate, connected, fastened, fitted, fitted out, fitting, prepared, qualified, suitable
  • citatiocall, summons
  • congruensappropriate, proportioned
  • congruusagreeing, appropriate, fit, suitable
  • occupoappropriate, commandeer, confiscate, enjoy, get a start on, grasp, seize, to occupy, to take possession
  • rectusappropriate, correct, natural, plain, proper, right, straight, upright
  • vindicoappropriate, arrogate, assume, avenge, claim, deliver, liberate, protect, punish, to avenge, to claim, to liberate

Similar to adsumo

  • adsuescomake familiar, to grow accustomed to, used to
  • adsuetudocustom, habit
  • sumoapply, assume, buy, choose, employ, obtain, take for granted, take up, to choose, to take
  • addoadd, bring, cause, inspire, join, place, to give
  • adducobring, induce, persuade, to lead
  • adferoapply, bring about, bring to bear, contribute, give, impart, report, to bring, to bring news, to cause, turn over
  • adficioafflict, drain, exhaust, sap, to affect, weaken
  • adhaeroadhere, cleave, keep close to, secure, stick to, to hang to, to stick
  • adhucalso, besides, even now, still, till now, till then, yet
  • adjiciomove towards, suggest, to add, to turn towards