1. aid
  2. assistance

Synonyms for adminiculum

  • adiutoriumaid, assistance, help
  • adiuvoaid, assist, succor, to help
  • auxiliumaid, assistance, help, support
  • iuvoaid, assist, delight, gratify, to help, to please
  • opsassistance, fortune, power to aid, power to help, singular: power, treasure, wealth
  • praesidiumaid, assistance, detachment, garrison, garrison troops, guard, protection, safeguard
  • proficioaccomplish, aid, assist, be of use, be tageous, ce, help, to go on, to make progress
  • subsidiumassistance, auxiliary troops, help, reserve troops, support
  • succurroaid, assist, help, to assist, to run up under
  • suffragiumaid, approval support, assistance, church province, franchise, incitement, intercession by saint with god, maintenance, resource, succor, support aid, vote

Similar to adminiculum

  • administratioadministration, giving of help, government
  • administroserve, to guide
  • admiratioadmiration, astonishment, surprise, wonder
  • admiroradmire, be astonished at, marvel at, to wonder at
  • addoadd, bring, cause, inspire, join, place, to give
  • adducobring, induce, persuade, to lead
  • adferoapply, bring about, bring to bear, contribute, give, impart, report, to bring, to bring news, to cause, turn over
  • adficioafflict, drain, exhaust, sap, to affect, weaken
  • adhaeroadhere, cleave, keep close to, secure, stick to, to hang to, to stick
  • adhucalso, besides, even now, still, till now, till then, yet