1. sharp
  2. sour

Synonyms for acidus

  • acerbitter, eager, fierce, keen, severe, sharp, stinging, violent
  • silexflint, hard stone, rock, sharp
  • silicisflint, hard stone, rock, sharp

Similar to acidus

  • aciesarmy, battle, battlefield, edge, keeness, sharpness, wing of a formation
  • alodusheritable estate
  • abaciabacuses
  • abacusabacus
  • abalienatoalienation, transfer of property
  • abavusgreat
  • abeochange, depart from life, die, disappear, retire, to digress, to go away, to have been, to pass, vanish
  • aberrodeviate, escape, to wander
  • abiciodishearten, dispense with, get rid of, to throw down, weaken
  • abicocast aside, to humble