1. well

Synonyms for acclivius

  • benewell
  • benevolenshelpfull, kindly, thoughtful, well
  • copiosusabundantly provided, plentiful, rich, wealthy, well, well supplied
  • fereabout, almost, generally, nearly, not quite, well
  • formosusbeautiful, finely formed, well
  • generosusaristocratic, of noble birth, well
  • puteuspit, well
  • salushealth, help or assistance, safety, salutation, salvation, well, wellness, wholeness
  • solersadroit, ingenious, ready, skilled, well

Similar to acclivius

  • acceptiussuitable for receiving
  • acbut
  • accedocome near, to approach, to be added
  • acceleroaccelerate, hasten, speed, to quicken
  • accendoarouse, excite, illuminate, incite, inflame, to kindle, to rouse up
  • acceptusagreeable, pleasant, welcome
  • accersituscalled, summoned
  • accersocall for, fetch, summon, to bring
  • accidodestroy, hew, occur, to fall down, to hack, to happen, to ruin
  • accipioaccept, cepi, ceptum, learn, receive, take, to consider oneself indebted, to receive