1. destroy
  2. hew
  3. occur
  4. to fall down
  5. to hack
  6. to happen
  7. to ruin

Synonyms for accido

  • annulloannihilate, destroy, to obliterate
  • atterodestroy, erode, impair, rub against, rub away, ruin, to weaken, waste, weaken, wear away, wear down
  • cassoannul, destroy, in vain, make void, to bring to naught
  • comburoconsume, to burn up, to ruin
  • concidocut down, cut up, destroy, fail, perish, sink, subside, to be ruined, to fall down
  • confundoblend, confound, confounding, confuse, destroy, mix, to bring into disorder, to pour together, trouble
  • consumodestroy, employ, finish, to devour, to spend, use up, waste away
  • contingoattain, befall, meet with, occur, to concern, to happen, to touch
  • corrumpoannihilate, destroy, spoil, to break up, weaken
  • decidodie, fall, fall dead, sink, to fall down

Similar to accido

  • accipioaccept, cepi, ceptum, learn, receive, take, to consider oneself indebted, to receive
  • accedocome near, to approach, to be added
  • accendoarouse, excite, illuminate, incite, inflame, to kindle, to rouse up
  • accredoaccept wholeheartedly, to believe unconditionally
  • accommodoaccommodate oneself, adapt, to adjust
  • acbut
  • acceleroaccelerate, hasten, speed, to quicken
  • acceptiussuitable for receiving
  • acceptusagreeable, pleasant, welcome
  • accersituscalled, summoned