1. to deny

Synonyms for abnuo

  • abnegorefuse, to deny
  • infitiasto deny
  • infitiordeny a debt, refuse to return something, to deny
  • ireto deny
  • negodeny something to someone, refuse a request, to deny
  • renuorefuse, reject, to deny

Similar to abnuo

  • abhorreoto shudder
  • absorbeocarry away, engross, gulp down, to swallow
  • abbasabbe, abbot, father
  • abbatesabbots
  • abbatiaabbey, monastery
  • abbatisabbe, abbot, father
  • abdicareabdicate
  • abdicoabdicate, disapprove of, reject, to renounce
  • abdoconceal, hide, put away, remove
  • abdomenabdomen, belly, gluttony