1. detach
  2. separate
  3. to unharnass

Synonyms for abiungo

  • abducodetach, or take away, to lead, withdraw
  • abrumpodissociate, remove, separate, sever, to break off
  • distinctusa distinguishing, apart, difference, different, distinction, separate
  • distinguoadorn, decorate, discriminate, distinguish, divide, embellish, part, punctuate, separate, to divide
  • evolvodetach, disclose, explain, extricate, to untangle
  • scindodivide, rend, separate, split, to cut
  • semoveoisolate, separate, set apart, set aside, to remove
  • singulione apiece, one each, separate, single
  • singulusone at a time, one each, separate, single

Similar to abiungo

  • abigodrive away, rustle cattle, steal, to drive off
  • abiegosend off, to send away
  • abiciodishearten, dispense with, get rid of, to throw down, weaken
  • abicocast aside, to humble
  • abiectuscontemptible
  • abiuroto deny by oath
  • abrogoannul, remove, take away, to repeal
  • subiungoattach, join, subdue, subjugate, to yoke beneath
  • abaciabacuses
  • abacusabacus